Lee Siertsema, DVM

LeeLee graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2014 and started practicing in Blyth right away. He grew up on a farm two country blocks from the clinic. His family milked cows until the early 90’s, when they later switched to milking goats. In May of 2017, after three years in practice, Lee purchased and now owns the clinic. In 2019, he completed the Dairy Health Management Certificate Program at OVC, a 3-year program that “provides intensive, science-based education to progressive dairy veterinarians to expand their knowledge, skills, and attitudes so they may enhance the health, profitability and sustainability of dairy farms.” Since 2019, Lee has also expanded the clinic in the field of equine medicine and has discovered a second passion for horses as well. Lee lives in Blyth and raises softbill finches as a hobby.  He enjoys playing squash, running, cycling, going to the gym, the beach, and spending time on the family farm.

Grace Hildebrand, DVM

GraceGrace joined Blyth Vet Services after graduation in June of 2020. Since schools were closed prior to her licensing date, she had actually started training and working with us unofficially much earlier in the year. Grace grew up near St. Augustine, not far from Blyth, so it is very special for us to welcome another local vet into the practice. She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, and was awarded the Small Ruminant Veterinarians of Ontario Award upon graduation. Grace is interested in all aspects of large animal medicine, including dairy, beef, small ruminants, horses, and camelids. Grace’s smile, friendly personality, and good humour have really helped us through a challenging and busy year so far. Grace enjoys baking, hiking, canoeing, working in her yard,  and spending time with her boyfriend, Cam, and their two dogs, Honey and Daisy.

Phil Garriock, DVM

Phil(website)Phil has been a member of Blyth Veterinary Services for 29 years. Phil grew up in Albion Township, a rural municipality northwest of Toronto. He graduated from Ontario Veterinary College in 1988. After completing one year of practice in Elmira, Phil moved to join Dr. Lavern Clark at Blyth Veterinary Services in 1989. He is a graduate of the Dairy Health Management Certificate Program and has been engaged in dairy, beef, equine, and small ruminant practice since graduation. Phil was a partner in the business for 26 years before passing it on to Lee. Since arriving in Blyth in 1989, Phil lives on a farm in West Wawanosh Township. His spare time is primarily spent working on the farm at home and accumulating old tractors. He is an amateur photographer and a member of the Goderich DPI photography club.