Our Staff


Office Manager / Reception / Technician / Lab

Joanne(website)Joanne started working for Blyth Vet Services back in 1999. She started as an assistant in reception and has grown into the position of office manager. Joanne has her eyes and fingers on the pulse of all that goes on here.

Joanne lives in Blyth with her husband, Herb. She enjoys gardening, cycling, and spending time with her family (especially her grandchildren). She enjoys walking to work everyday and stays very involved with her church. She doesn’t have any pets at home, but she does have a nice aquarium (and also keeps the clinic aquarium looking fresh and clean).


Reception / Technician / Lab

Linda(website)Linda has worked here at the clinic since 2008. She works on Fridays and Saturday mornings, filling in for Joanne on reception. Linda keeps the office in top shape and manages us through the busy weekends.

Linda lives in the country, close to Brussels, with her husband, Brian, and her children. She has recently become a grandmother as well. Linda has a special affinity for steeped tea double doubles from Tim Horton’s. She also loves animals, and has several dogs and cats at home.